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Fri December 16th : Bennet's lane (melbourne) with Carl Dewhurst, Alex Hirlian and Marty Holoubek
Saturday December 17th: Uptown (melbourne) with
Carl Dewhurst, Alex Hirlian and Marty Holoubek
Thursday December 22nd : 505 ( Sydney ) with Hamish Stuart , Brett Hirst , Carl Dewhurst plus guests
Jan 4th 2017 : Banana reunion gig at Lazybones with Simon Ashton, Alex Hewetson and Carl Dewhurst plus guests
Jan 16th : Nate Wood Rockwood music Hall Midnight
Feb 6th: 55 bay 7pm-9pm Sean Wayland Group

April 2017 Trio Dejeneiro tour of Canada.

Friday Nov 25th 2016 : Freddy's bar in Park Slope with Trio Dejeneiro
Monday December 5th : 55 bar with Nate Wood and Orlando Leflemming and guests

Saturday April 23rd: Scandinavia house singalong with Vibe.

Sunday April 24th: Trio Dejaneiro @ freddys bar brooklyn with Matt Marantz and Jimmy Macbride.

Friday April 27th: Nate Wood group plays midnight at Rockwood music hall in NYC.

Monday May 2nd: 7pm-9pm : 55 bar NYC : Sean Wayland group w / Nate Wood, Will Vinson and Francesco Beccaro. No cover.

Sunday May 29th: Nate Wood group plays at
Rockwood music hall in NYC at 10pm.
Monday June 6th : 7pm-9pm : 55 bar NYC : Sean Wayland group w / Nate Wood, Will Vinson and Orlando LeFlemming. No cover.

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Sean Wayland Discography

As a leader/coleader:

band name:
album:  "
label/catalog number: Larrikin
This CD features vocalist Lily Dior and compositions by Sean, Cameron Undy, Peter Zografakis and Simon Ashton.

Sean Wayland
Seed CD001
Sean's debut CD. Bassist is Adam Armstrong and drummer is Nick McBride.

Stolen Van
Stolen Van"
Rufus Records
A recording of jazz versions of pop tunes heavily featuring the music of Steely Dan. Some lovely string arrangements by Sean (if I do say so myself) of Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb) and Song of Sand (Suzanne Vega). Adam Armstrong is the bassist again and the drummer is Simon Barker.

Sean Wayland
Seed CD002
Sean hits the Big Apple for the first time and records with a stellar rhythm section of Adam Nussbuam (drums) and Dennis Irwin (bass). Sean patented the use of the "one harness" in this album of original music dedicated to his now defunct car. Stevo was destroyed in the great hail of '99.

Sean Wayland
Seed CD004
Highlights of Sean's relocation to New York in 1999. Also included are some tracks from "the shed" sessions at Sean's house in Leichardt, Australia. Musician's include Seamus Blake, Steve Kirby, Alvester Garnett, Sam Lipman, Nick McBride, James Muller and Brett Hirst.

Sean Wayland
The Colossus of Rhodes"
Recorded in New York with Matt Penman and Jochen Reuckert, this is the 4th album of original compositions I have released under my own name.

Sean Wayland
South Pacific Soul"
Seed CD005
This will hopefully be remembered by someone as my jazz-rock CD.

Sean Wayland Trio
Seed CD006
With Jochen Ruckert and Matt Penman, recorded in New York, September 2002.

Sean Wayland
Seed CD007
With James Muller, Chad Wackerman, Nick Mcbride, Felix Bloxsom, Andrew Gander, Brett Hirst and Phil Stack.  Recorded in Sydney.

Sean Wayland
Seed CD008
Solo piano compositions and improvisations . 2 tracks feature synthesizers . Other tracks are acoustic piano only.

Sean Wayland
Expensive Habit"
Seed CD009
Recorded in NY with Matt Penman, Jochen Rueckert, Donny McCaslin,Will Vinson and James Muller.

Sean Wayland and the Headmasters
I am sun"
Seed CD010
A Cd of contemporary songs featuring vocalists Justine Clark, Virna Sanzone, Lily Dior, Robynne Dunn and Elana Stone. Pioneering Jazz/ Soft OZ ROCK genre.

Sean Wayland
Seed CD011
A funky CD with Keith Carlock (drums), Tim LeFebvre (bass), Adam Rogers (guitar), James Muller (Guitar), Ronnie Cooter (vocals) and Matt Clohesy (Bass).

Sean Wayland
Pistachio  2"
Seed CD013

Sean Wayland
Live at 55 bar dec 2009"
Seed CD015
Recorded live in New York with Mark Guiliana ( drums ) and Jeff Hanley ( bass )

Sean Wayland
The show must go on"
Seed CD016

Sean Wayland
Click Track Jazz Slave to the Machine Vol 1 and 2
Mark Guiliana, Keith Carlock, Wayne Krantz, James Muller, Nate Wood and more

2013 Sean Wayland Barrenjoey Seed CD020

Mark Guiliana, Keith Carlock, Wayne Krantz, James Muller, Nate Wood and more

2013 Sean Wayland Surf Music Chiko Roll Seed CD021

Mark Guiliana, Keith Carlock, Wayne Krantz, James Muller, Nate Wood and more

As a sideman:

Jaime Mancer : JMancera
"Mancera # 5"


Andy Sugg " Wedenseday's at M's "


Jesse Simpson " The Siguenza Settlement"


James Muller : "Neurotica" ( piano/keys on 2 tunes and a Wayland composition performed )

Sasha Madson " Cooperstown "

Nick Freer " The unsuspecting"

Barrenjoey :
"Barrenjoey" and " Surf Music Chiko Roll " : 2 albums of music with lyrics
w/ Keith Carlock, Jeff Hanley, James Muller, Nate Wood, Virna Sanzone
Recorded during the "Click Track " sessions

Craig Naughton overdubs
Ben Eunson " Autumn" EP

Dave Jackson " Cosmontology"


Isaac Darche " Boombaptism:

Jon Gordon

Madeleine Peyroux
DVD : " Somethin' Grand "

Carl Orr

Ray Gehring
"Radial Tales"
Imagine me singing while Ray, Ronen Itsik, Bill Carrothers and Michael Obien support me. Cant imagine it? I guess you will have to check it out then.

Madeliene Peyroux
"Bare Bones"
Song "Somethin Grand" co-written with Madeleine and Larry Klein

Gabriela Anders
"Bossa Beleza"
Gabriela is married to Wayne Krantz who produced this album and played guitars .
A lovely singer an interpreter of Brazlian music .

Aki Ishiguro

Andrew Swan
"Southside Blues"

Matt Geraghty
"East third" Single

Robyne Dunn
"Songs from the Belfry"
I was pretty surprised and delighted when Robyne asked me to sing BV's on her CD. It's finally here and it's a beautiful CD. A gem of an Australian songwriter and singer.

David Binney
"live gig download"

Matt McMahon
"Paths and Streams"
Matt recorded my composition "Sun" (also recorded by Banana on "Groovive". It's a great CD. Genuine emotion and a lovely tranquility to the whole thing.  Plenty of great tunes and playing by my Australian contemporaries.

James Muller
Sean composed 2 tunes on James' Cd. "Stacked" and "Honeycombs". James rocks the house with the big boys from New York.

Steve Mckenna
"New Times"
Sean plays organ. Steve plays his A#se off on the guitar.

Jazzgroove Mothership Orch
"Plays Mike Nock"
Sean play's piano and contributes an arrangement of Mike's tune "Nata Lagal". This CD is a f#$ken OZ classic!

Lucinda Peters
"Desert Stars"
Australian Singer.  I wrote some string quartet parts. Lucinda liked the viola part best, so she just isolated that microphone in the mixdown.

Elana Stone
"In the garden of wild things"
Birdland label
I played piano and keyboards on Elana's first CD. Shortly afterwards I gave her a piano lesson and she decided to play for herself. I should have known better. Elana is a great composer and performer if you haven't seen her.

Steve Hunter
"Condition Human"
ABC label
Me and Matt Mcmahon and James Muller and Clayton Doley play keyboards on this CD.  Steve shows his tastefull British/Australian pop roots in the writing. Stacks of great singers.

Lily Dior
"Clear Day"
I composed the tune "Child" which Lily recorded on this CD.  Lily and the band reworked some of my harmony to their own tastes.

Luca Benedetti
Organ Trio
Recorded in New York, September 2002 with my good friend Phil Bernhardt on drums. A fine guitarist and appreciator of the finer things in life.

 Nick McBride
Seed Music
I wrote some tunes for this CD, helped engineer and produce, and also released it on my label. Well worth the effort to locate a copy .

 Tim Hopkins            
"Upon my Camel"
I play piano on this CD of Tim's. I miss playing with Tim. What a brilliant talent ...

Lily Dior
We used to play the song "Gimme some of that" in Banana. Lily wrote her own lyrics and recorded it. Some of my fondest musical memories are of Lily singing my songs. A standout in my mind which I will never forget is a little gig at the Hopetoun we did with Arne Hanna, Hamish Stuart and Alex Hewetson.


Sean Wayland was born in Sydney, Australia, June 4th , 1969 and resides in New York now. He is well known and respected for his prolific writing, and unique harmony and rhythm.??Reviewers have said:
"Synthetic but swashbuckling" : The New York Times
"Vast Technique and exploratory agility" : The Australian Newspaper
“Music Pours easily from Sean Wayland” : limelight CD review

Superman plays for keeps”: Sydney Morning Herald CD review

Sean Wayland has long been something of a legend among Sydney jazz circles”: Jazzgroove

But if you took the names of Brad Mehldau, Larry Goldings or Joey Calderazzo, he (Sean) is a player of the same high caliber”: Mark F. Turner, AllAboutJazz

His was a musical family, his father's love of jazz enabled Sean to hear the music of Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea and others as a young child. His father's mother Muriel Cohen was a concert pianist and the first Australian to perform Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue D'Oiseax publicly. To this day Sean is still entranced by Debussy and Messiaen. Perhaps intimidated by living up to his family's talent, Sean chose to study the violin as a child. His interest in the piano increased and as a teenager he fooled around on the instrument. The fact that he was already an accomplished fiddler and had a busy schedule playing with school orchestras etc meant that he had little time to practise piano. In his final year of high school Sean met jazz pianist John Bostock -- http://www.johnbostockmusic.com

At the time in Australia it was difficult to find out about jazz and John hipped Sean to the music of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and John Coltrane. After school Sean spent a couple of years at University studying Electrical Engineering, but the seed had been sown and he came to realise that his calling in life was to be a musician. Sean studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1992 and 1993.

He has had numerous piano teachers including Mike Nock, Roger Frampton, Judy Bailey, and Paul Macnamara in Australia. In New York he has studied with Barry Harris, Kevin Hayes, Geoff Keezer, George Colligan, Sam Yahel and Bruce Barth. While at the Conservatorium he received the Jack Chrostowski piano award. In 1993 he was a finalist in the National Jazz Piano Awards at the Wangaratta Festival. In 1999 Sean received a grant from the Australia Council to study jazz piano in New York which helped him to relocate there.

Sean has worked for a number of internationally renowned musicians including: Allan Holdsworth , Wayne Krantz , David Binney, Madeliene Peyroux , Tim Miller, Ingrid Jensen, Jon Gordon, Dave Smith, Isaac Darche ,  Jon Iragabon , Dan Pratt, Ike Sturm, Matt Geraghty, The Three Degrees, The Dangit -Bobbys, Moses Patrou, Jay Collins ,Cornell Dupree, Jesse Harris, Sheryl Bailey, Gerald Hayes, Matt Marantz, Ben Eunson, Aki Ishiguro, Dale Barlow, Justine Clark, Phil Slater, Jackie Orsascky, Steve Hunter, James Muller and Steve Mckenna.

Sean has released over 14 critically acclaimed CDs, featuring musicians such as Adam Nussbaum, Dennis Irwin, Seamus Blake, Chad Wackerman, Steve Kirby, Alvester Garnett, Jesse Harris, James Muller, Jochen Rueckert, Matt Penman, Donny McCaslin, Will Vinson, Keith Carlock, Adam Rogers and Tim Lefebvre.

Sean has successfully toured internationally. He has performed in many countries including U.S.A, China, Japan, England, Germany , Hong Kong and New Zealand under his own name. And in 2004, with his trio, Sean made the first instructional jazz DVD produced in China by foreigners.
?As well as recording his own CDs he has Sean and his compositions have appeared on numerous other jazz releases including albums by David Binney, Jon Gordon, Madeleine Peyroux, Aki Ishiguro, Isaac Darche, The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, Carl Orr, Matt McMahon, Steve Hunter, James Muller , Elana Stone, Robynne Dunn,  Dale Barlow  , Lily Dior , Tim Hopkins, Banana, John Mackie , Nick McBride and Luca Benedetti.
?Many musicians have dedicated pieces to Sean Wayland inspired by his music including : Dale Barlow "seany", Matt Penman "waylo" , Florian Ross "quahog wayland", Gerard Masters " Sean Wayland"  , Brian Charette " mode for Sean Wayland "  .